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Our Vision

Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) aspires to significantly improve patient outcomes while advancing a cure for multi-system chronic complex diseases.


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Let's Find

New Paradigms in
Research & Clinical Care

Multi-system Chronic Complex Diseases (msCCD)

Includes ME/CFS, PTLDS, Fibromyalgia, Long Covid, and others. ME/CFS alone affects between 17-24 million people worldwide*.

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COVID-19 Likely Doubled the Number of People Impacted

Nearly 30% of known cases remain chronically ill with a msCCD known as ‘long COVID’, and about 10% result in ME/CFS.

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of Patients
Are Disabled

Millions of people with msCCD are disabled and removed from both their lives and the workforce.

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There is an
Urgent Need
for More Clinicians

Most clinicians have not been trained to diagnose and treat symptoms of msCCD.

Need to
the Fundamentals

We urgently need to understand more about the msCCD process.

Without Intervention
Patients Continue
to Suffer

The economic, personal and community burden will continue to increase.

A New Approach

Foundational Insights

Traditional Research

• Is poorly funded
• Focuses on single body systems
• Discourages collaboration

msCCD Is Complex

It is unlikely that a traditional approach to research will generate results in a meaningful timeframe.

To Solve the Puzzle

A new approach is needed:
• Take a systems biology approach to understanding disease mechanisms
• Acknowledge that the solution is likely to come from an unexpected place
• Agree to the urgency of finding a cure
• Emphasize collaboration and sharing of results across fields in real time.

Our Priorities

What We Value Most

Our values guide how we do our activities and the criteria we use for the decisions we make. Our priorities include:

Create a collaborative environment with researchers, clinicians and patients while working together on what matters most.

Creating a New Paradigm

Utilize collaborative research to seek out new ideas and unconventional perspectives to solving chronic disease.

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Prioritize research that accelerates outcomes regarding biomarkers, clinical trials and ultimately a cure.


Reflect the diversity of the real world in research and healthcare.

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Maintain accountability of our donor funds to people with msCCDs, and to regulatory and legislative bodies.

Turning Vision into Reality

OMF's goal is to significantly improve patient outcomes while advancing a cure for multi-system chronic complex diseases
Define clear disease mechanisms and models
• Understand pathophysiology.
• Create a framework for disease subtypes and/or manifestations.
• Develop a framework to guide diagnosis and treatment protocols.
Accurate diagnoses
• Explore new research and clinician tools available for discovery and diagnosis

Effective treatments
• Implement successful pilot studies that lead to validated treatments

Access to quality care
• Increase the number of clinicians that are aware of ME/CFS and other msCCDs.
• Expand the tools available to diagnose and treat major symptoms.
Our Mission

How We Will Achieve Our Goals

OMF facilitates global collaboration and fund world-class research that makes a positive impact on the lives of people with multi-system chronic complex disease,

• Grow contributed revenues
• Expand the fundraising infrastructure to identify the right donors globally
• Target communications to support fundraising
• Roll out a foundational and repeatable annual plan

• Determine the most promising projects to fund, both globally and within the CRC network
• Facilitate close collaboration across all CRCs
• Fund research technology projects that accelerate analysis and deliver quality data

• Continue funding the most promising pilot treatment trials globally to improve diagnosis and diseae distinctions
• Advance clinician education initiatives globally
• Expand diversity in the clinical and research settings

• Continue funding the most promising pilot treatment trials globally 
• Fund clinical technology projects improve diagnosis and disease distinctions
• Advance clinician education initiatives globally
• Expand diversity in the clinical and research settings

Strategic Drivers of Our Success

Donate today to advance scientific research. Help us change the game on these diseases!

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), Fibromyalgia Leading Research. Delivering Hope.Open Medicine Foundation®

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